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The smarter tool for managing conflict

Explore Issues and Interests

Take time to understand and prioritise how you feel and what you want. Our smart platform helps you intuitively explore the dispute from both sides of the fence.

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Find solutions

Workshop resolutions and negotiate outcomes. With a simple, iterative, and non-adversarial collaboration, you'll discover a solution to satisfy both parties.

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Move forward

Define an action plan on your own terms, agree to next steps, and move forward with a smile.

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Plus all of this…

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Built-in tools to manage your case load and generate valuable data.
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Enjoy a safe space and a clear structure to communicate productively.
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Users are guided through every step and able to go at their own pace.
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Easily and safely upload important documents to the record.
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Our intuitive platform encourages engagement and decisive progress while mitigating delays.
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Keep tabs on your mediation process and revisit information as you need.

Start practicing simple dispute resolution today

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