Who can use Guided Resolution?

Our platform is designed for anyone and everyone, from small businesses to big, from individuals to corporations. Guided Resolution is here to help, no matter who you are or what happened.

Intuitive interface, empathy-building processes, easier case management, and better outcomes are all part of the Guided Resolution experience.

Big Business

Improve efficiency with an integrated best-practice platform.

When your business is thriving (or you’re in the business of dispute resolution), you don’t have the time to let little things build up. Across a bustling network, tight processes and automated administration are vital to competitive outcomes and you don’t have the time to let low-level disputes congest the system. At Guided Resolution, we know this. Our platform was built with an emphasis on easy customization, logical case management, and a simple interface. With the process taken care of, you can focus on more important things.

Small Business

Don’t let conflict threaten your business.

For small-to-medium-sized enterprises, and close-knit teams, unresolved or poorly handled conflict can be more than disruptive. It can unbalance the entire organisation. With Guided Resolution on hand, you can downgrade disruptive disputes from wave to ripple. Your people will be guided through a resolution process to improve communication, fine tune negotiating skills, and flex empathy muscles so you can continue to move forward.

Start practicing simple dispute resolution today

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